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Tokyo Ramen Iki
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Tokyo Ramen Iki - The Ramen Restaurant

Tokyo Ramen Iki is now proudly offering 3 locations to our customers to enjoy our unique and original Ramen. The locations are in the Vijzelstraat 135, 1017HJ Amsterdam (Central Branch), the Vondelpark Amstelveenseweg 83H, 1075VW Amsterdam (Vondelpark Branch) and the Stadsplein 18, 1181 ZM Amstelveen (Shopping Mall Stadshart Amstelveen). 

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Tokyo Ramen Iki  has its Ramen restaurants in Amsterdam and is dedicated to bring a 100% authentic Japanese experience to its customers. Our Japanese cooks have worked relentlessly to find the best local ingredients to create & refine the original recipes. 

Tokyo Ramen Iki  Ramen are based on healthy and exquisite chicken broth. To give the discerning vegetarian customer an equally pleasant experience, our cooks have developed a delicious vegetarian broth. 
To make your visit a unique Japanese experience, we have prepared a menu with delicate pre dishes, desert and drinks that will surely make you feel like as if you are in Tokyo.

We welcome you to our restaurant and wish you a great experience.

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